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Spring is just around the corner; we wanted to give you some tips on how to get started on clearing out that year-old clutter! Whether it’s your closet, your bathroom, your garage, your attic, or any other place, a few tips will be beneficial in getting your spring cleaning done right.

Make A List

Spring cleaning can often seem overwhelming on the face of it. Walking by messes in your home that have been there for a while can seem like a lot. I have a rule: when overwhelmed, make a list. In fact, I do this every year with spring cleaning. Breaking it down into doable chunks helps me 1 – not miss anything and 2 – make the project not seem nearly as overwhelming. Once you have this done, you’ll feel much better. I promise.

Clean Room By Room

Trying to tackle different areas in the house a little at a time will create clutter and mess faster than you might think. You’ll be grateful you did one project in one area at a time. In this way, you’ll ensure that if you have to put the project down for a while, you are creating minimal mess.

Use Natural Cleaning Products (as much as possible)

Whenever you do cleaning in bulk, it’s smart to use as many natural cleaning products as you can — no need to get too worried about this. If you already have everything you need and don’t want to buy anything new, that’s understandable. However, if you’re not using natural cleaning products, please use some gloves to prevent skin contact.

Tackle Seasonal Chores

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take care of the chores you never want to do, such as cleaning grills, windows, baseboards, gutters, etc. If needed, recruit help from family to get this done! You can make it a fun family project.

Create Categories For Things You’re Getting Rid Of

It can be tempting to throw everything away you don’t want to keep around. But it’s smart to create categories to be less wasteful! We suggest a three-category system: trash, give away, and storage.

With these simple tips, your spring cleaning should be a breeze. If you feel like not just cleaning, but also renovation for your home, please think of us! Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the peace of a wonderfully clean and organized home to greet the coming warm weather with.

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